Menus are based on seasonal availability and current market values. Ingredients and prices are subject to change based on current standards. All boxes are delivered fresh with in 2 - 3 hours after preparation. Boxes should not be left outside for extended periods of time. Cold ingredients should be immediately refrigerated. Seafood dishes should be cooked and consumed within 3-4 days of receipt. Meat, vegetarian and baked goods should be cooked and consumed within 5 days of receipt or at the consumers discretion. 


Throughout the Recipe Box series, there are tools and ingredients that will be used most often and therefore are essential for your success in cooking with us. Have a look at what we recommend to have around your kitchen. If you have any questions or need advise on what to buy, be sure to shoot us a message. 


Island wide delivery is free. All boxes are delivered on Wednesday's between 5pm - 8pm. Boxes will be left in an agreed location should you not be home. If someone is not home to receive or there is not an agreed location, the box will be returned to headquarters with no refund available. 


We believe in a minimal waste environment and try to do the best we can to reduce in anyway possible. Recipe Box endeavors to use only biodegradable or reusable packaging in our meal kits. Therefore we request that you keep any wooden, glass or metal packaging including ice packs for collection on Monday (please leave the box somewhere accessible should you not be home when we come by). All returned packaging is inspected, cleaned & sanitized according to health regulations between each use.


Cancel your box order by Monday at midnight to receive a complete refund. Cancellations received after the cut off time will not be refunded. Refunds are processed with in 48 hours of receipt and by the same form of payment received when the order was placed. Email us here to cancel your order.


Payments can be made via bank transfer, credit / debit card or PayPal. If transaction is not being accepted, try contacting your local bank for authorization. 


Interesting in collaborating with us? Get in touch now! We love to work with other local businesses of any kind. Community love and support is the principal of our minds.