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recipe box - BUSINESS & PLEASURE

Recipe Box is about bringing couples, families and communities together over a combined need for food, a thirst for personal development and a desire for entertainment. 

Tori and Amanda first met in 2015 while Tori was working at Bolero Brasserie. Amanda was a regular diner at the restaurant and it was not long before they became friends.

One afternoon, while sitting in Amanda's garden, Tori tentatively shared a business concept she had been mulling over. Amanda thought it was a wonderful idea and initially just offered some advice on how Tori could make it happen, but they soon realised that to collaborate would actually make a lot of sense.


There blossomed Recipe Box!

tori moniz - FOUNDER

My love for cooking started when I was eight years old. At first, I would just help in the kitchen, but, by the time I was 15, I had dreams of becoming a chef and enjoyed presenting my family with seven course meals.

My first real job was at a convenience store in New Jersey. The rush on Wednesday nights after the town track races was wild. We served coffee and foot long hoagies to hundreds of gregarious customers and I loved every minute of it!

I spent the next eight years working in a multitude of positions in every aspect of the food and beverage industry. In 2013 I joined the amazing team at Bolero. It was an honour to be surrounded by such a talented team of professionals. Well known as one of the most creative food menus in Bermuda, I was inspired to create an adventurous cocktail menu for the restaurant and relished in the freedom to incorporate unusual flavour combinations. I also enjoyed participating in several bartending competitions held in conjunction with the releases of new products.

Over the past few months, like many of us, I have spent a lot more time in my own kitchen. This has reignited my passion for food and a desire to return to the industry. And so began this new journey…  


I graduated from university with a BA in French Literature and a BFA in photography. My first full-time job was as an assistant at a publishing company, where I had the opportunity to use my photography, but also to learn a variety of skills including copy writing and editing, styling, marketing and graphic design. These have served me well over the years as an entrepreneur in various businesses. 

I have always had my fingers in lots of pies (pun intended). As well as being part of Recipe box, I co-own Indigo Song, an eco-friendly clothing company with my sister, and still enjoy capturing family portraits. And once life returns to normal, I am looking forward to photographing weddings. 

In February, already concerned by the looming threat, I planted a garden, which has brought both pleasure and serenity during the last few months. It has been wonderful to watch the flowers and vegetables grow, and the tomatoes are the sweetest I have ever tasted! We are enjoying picking and immediately incorporating the veggies into Tori's dishes.

the bermuda onion - MASCOT

As the number one export in the 1800 - 1900's, the Bermuda Onion was known for being mild, sweet & succulent. Trading quantities of up to 4,000 tons at a time to the east coast of America, Bermuda became known as 'the onion patch' and Bermudians as 'onions'. Bermudians are still proud of this heritage and continue to use these nicknames today.


Onions are Tori's favourite vegetable and widely underrated in nutritional value. Eaten both raw or cooked, onions contain an excellent source of antioxidants, fibre & flavonoids. The are very low in calories and have no fat or cholesterol. Onions contain so much natural flavour that they are a great replacement to salt or sugar in a dish!

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