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Over 13,000 acres of land and only 5.5% is arable.

Bermuda is a small island of 22sq miles. With a population of more than 65,000 there is not a lot of land to go around. However we are blessed to have around 20 full time farmers and many part-time farmers to supply locals with fresh produce, herbs & small livestock.


Fish chowder is the national dish of Bermuda

Bermuda's prime location in the Atlantic gulf stream means that there is no shortage of delicious sea creatures to eat. The island sees both demersal and pelagic fish including Tuna, Wahoo, Rockfish, Snapper, Hogfish, Lobster etc..

While the fish are plentiful, there are tight regulations in place to ensure the future of our aquatic ecosystem and to protect the coral reefs that surround the island. 

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